washes, washing, washed
1) VERB If you wash something, you clean it using water and usually a substance such as soap or detergent.

[V n] He got a job washing dishes in a pizza parlour...

[V n] The colours gently fade each time you wash the shirt...

[V n prep] It took a long time to wash the mud out of his hair...

[V n with adv] Rub down the door and wash off the dust before applying the varnish.

Wash is also a noun.

That coat could do with a wash... The treatment leaves hair glossy and lasts 10 to 16 washes.

2) VERB If you wash or if you wash part of your body, especially your hands and face, you clean part of your body using soap and water.

They looked as if they hadn't washed in days...

[V n] She washed her face with cold water...

[get V-ed] You are going to have your dinner, get washed, and go to bed.

N-COUNT: usu a N in sing
Wash is also a noun.

She had a wash and changed her clothes.

3) V-ERG If a sea or river washes somewhere, it flows there gently. You can also say that something carried by a sea or river washes or is washed somewhere.

[V prep/adv] The sea washed against the shore...

[V prep/adv] The oil washed ashore on roughly 1000 miles of coastline...

[V n with adv] The force of the water washed him back into the cave. [Also V n prep]

4) N-SING: the N The wash of a boat is the wave that it causes on either side as it moves through the water.

...the wash from large ships.

5) VERB If a feeling washes over you, you suddenly feel it very strongly and cannot control it. [WRITTEN]

[V over/through n] A wave of self-consciousness can wash over her when someone new enters the room...

[V over/through n] The overpowering despair that he'd fought so hard to keep at bay washed through the boy.

6) N-COUNT: usu N of n A wash of something such as light or colour is a thin layer of it. [WRITTEN]

The lights from the truck sent a wash of pale light over the snow.

7) VERB: usu with brd-neg If you say that an excuse or idea will not wash, you mean that people will not accept or believe it. [INFORMAL]

He said her policies didn't work and the excuses didn't wash...

[V with n] If they believe that solution would wash with the Haitian people, they are making a dramatic error.

8) See also washing
9) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that something will come out in the wash, you mean that people will eventually find out the truth about it. [INFORMAL]

This will all come out in the wash - I promise you.

10) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that something such as an item of clothing is in the wash, you mean that it is being washed, is waiting to be washed, or has just been washed and can therefore not be worn or used. [INFORMAL]

Your jeans are in the wash.

11) to wash your dirty linen in publicsee dirty
to wash your hands of something → see hand
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